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U.P. My Coach

Since 2003
 Used Around The World By Trainers, Instructors, Gyms,
Schools/School Districts, & Sports Teams Of All Levels!
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Your Free Profile is the best way to stay on track to a fit you and reach your personal goals! The Lift U.P. coaching and workout service and numerous teams around the world have been privately using and fine tuning this tool since 2003 to improve all of their fitness, wellness, and athletic levels successfully! After years of testing and developing the system by different professionals in different environments to assure quality, we are excited to now open up this tool to the public, sports industry, and fitness wellness industry! Our mission is to get you the results you want to see no matter what your fitness wellness solution is! Whether you workout by yourself, have a gym membership, have a personal trainer, attend boot camps, or are a trainer/instructor/gym/school/team yourself, you can use this tool to aid and keep track of your workouts, exercises, and fitness wellness data! You can use this vital information to see the work you've put in, and what works and doesn't work! This allows you to adjust your workout for better results. Our Exercise Library has different exercises, activities, assessments, and drills with videos and/or descriptions for you to choose from when creating your workout, assessment, or activity in the system. If you don't see what you need in the exercise library, you can submit new exercises, activities, assessments, and drills with videos and/or descriptions to add to your workout.
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Do you have students, athletes, or clients?
Use this system to create, send, and store their workouts and/or assignments!
This will allow you to keep them on a more accurate program and will increase the results they see!

If you need someone to create your workouts, activities, assessments, and track your workouts and activities, use a Lift U.P. workout solution! One of the Workout Specialist will create a daily workout for you, consult you on your current workout plan, or workout with you in an individual or group workout session!
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